Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look how they've grown

First day back at school last Monday, Sophie going into year 3 and Alex into year 1. Both girls have settled already and are very happy with their new teachers.

Alex has been really poorly since we got back from Majorca, her ear got very badly infected, and we ended up in the ENT clinic while they suctioned out all the debris from her ear canal. Bless her, she was brave! I was dismayed to discover that her tonsillectomy and grommet round 3 fitting won't be taking place until December now (unless a miracle happens with the waiting list hmmmm...) so the next few months will be tough for her. Her hearing is diminishing already so I am hoping and praying that we get through the coming weeks without too many periods of illness.

Sophie is doing me proud which makes me smile on the inside as well as the outside. She will be over the moon tomorrow as I have booked her first cello lesson for after school. She is so keen to learn, so I hope she gets on with it.

It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 34, and I must say I had a wonderful day. The celebrations started on Friday night with Matt, who was unfortunately working yesterday, and continued until today really. Many gifts, many cards, and time spent with some truly amazing people. I did get some lovely crafting gifts, so I will share them with you very soon!