Saturday, December 29, 2007

So Christmas is done and dusted

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Here's the proof that we made it through in one piece! Sophie said she missed Daddy on Christmas day :(
Father Christmas was very generous all round. I got a set of Stickles glitter glue, Jo Soja's acrylic paints, a tote and tool kit for my bind it all and other bits and pieces. The girls both got Mummy make me better dolls and a new buggy each. Now where to put it all?
Saturday will be spent getting the house in order. Wish me luck...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Angels from the Realms of Glory...

...otherwise known as Anna's Girls!

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Sophie and Alex were angels in the nativity at church today. They were both brilliant, Alex was a little reluctant initially, but soon got the hang of being on stage!
Tomorrow we are going up to Durham for Christmas, staying until Friday. It will be nice to spend a few days in Durham with mum and dad. We're back at the end of the week, and the girls don't go back to school until January 7th, so plenty of time to chill out at home too. Best of both worlds!

I have sent next to no cards this year, partially through being unable to write, partially through laziness!

So I will be making a donation to Nigel's Gift of Hope fund over at the British Heart Foundation, please follow my lead if you are feeling at all charitable this Christmas. I'd also like to dedicate the donation to the memory of Eric Dews, husband of my dear friend Avril. Eric died in May this year, as unexpectedly as Nigel. This will be Avril's first Christmas without Eric, which will be very hard. I wish you strength, Avril, and I'm here for you whenever you need me.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

MRI scan next...

Got to have an MRI scan as there may be smaller bones in my hand fractured. Ah marvellous!

Back for more xrays...

Final check up at the hospital today. No idea if the fracture will show up. My wrist clicks now when I can bear to move it. So time to sit in casualty for several hours again this morning...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All calm

Hopefully all has calmed down over on my team thread at UKS. A tricky situation which should never have arisen. Lots of over the top reactions. All sorted now I hope.
So we are some team members short, but we like it that way. We do have one new addition, my friend Julie, but she is known to me so will fit in perfectly. Welcome on board Jules!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Heating and hot water at last!

My heating and hot water have been intermittent for the last couple of months, due to a badly installed unvented water tank. Thankfully, today everything was put right. Shame the only way to get that done was to send a solicitor's letter to the company which installed it... threatening to sue for breach of contract. The windows in the gable ends up in the loft still need to be sealed, so for now the legal action continues...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Agreements with myself

Part of isa was encouraging me to make agreements with myself. My first one was to make my bed every day. Sounds simple, but I had got very lazy, and often ended up just throwing the duvet at the bed haphazardly. So my bed has been made every day since isa, which is great.
I agreed a new one last weekend, which was to walk to school on the days when I am not at work. We managed it without any groaning, enforced really seeing as I couldn't drive! It is a habit I want to keep up as we as a family don't get enough exercise together. We'll be walking to school tomorrow, and again on Thursday and Friday. Fancy joining us?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still splinted...

Still in a splint. Scaphoid in my wrist still giving me problems. Oh well.

Had the WAY party today and it went well. The cake I got from Costco was divine, still got half of it left it was so blinkin huge!

I have started a LO about me, based on what I thought about whilst at isa. It will take me a while as I am not dextrous atm. Using one of my luscious scrapagogo kits which is great as at last I am using up stash lol.
No more boring news now so night night.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Back to the hospital

Tomorrow morning. I am in agony. I can't go on with this much pain in my wrist.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hassles of online swaps...

Nightmare... swaps not being sent over on UKScrappers. Unfortunately it hasn't been sorted off board, but instead has been made very public. I am not defending the person who didn't send, just wishing that it could have been sorted a bit less pulicly. It has turned into a lynching, with a new smack blog being set up directly aimed at the non-sender.
There will always be people in life who are not kind, or the sort of person you want to be friends with. I have experienced this myself, with one of them even emailing me on the day Nigel died to say how sorry she was. Yeah right, the day before you hated my guts, and took great delight in spreading nasty rumours about me, but then just because Nigel died you want to be friends again. Hmm, I think not.
There are plenty of very kind people I have met online, including people who have sent me boxfuls of craft stuff for the WAY party on Saturday. Thank you so much if that is you!

OK, rant over. Will chill out now. Tonight I am off out with fellow year one mums from Sophie's school for a meal. Should be fun. My wrist is still extremely painful... ah well!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The phone rang tonight...

Me: Hello
Woman: Can I speak to Mr Head please?
Me: who's calling?

Believe it or not, it was a rep from a wine sales company who rang about a month ago asking for Nigel. I told them he had passed away, and to take his name off their database. That caller was not apologetic.

So the same company rang back tonight and again asked for NIgel. Today it is 16 months exactly since Nigel died. I felt so angry with them for calling when I had asked them not to. The rep was not even vaguely apologetic. Grrr. Left me with a sour taste in my mouth that's for sure.

My hand is hurting rather a lot in the cold. Nothing else to report.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

So I am trapped...

Can't drive. Can't do any scrapping. Can't iron (shucks). Can just about dress myself, although brushing my hair is a challenge!
We're walking to school for now, until I find out when I can drive. Getting to work will be a challenge.
Had a quiet weekend. Slept a lot Saturday as I was in a great deal of pain. Missed my Christmas Crop with the Leeds Paper Dolls.
Did have tea today at my friend Sue's. Mmm it was lovely, thanks Sue!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The good luck continues...

I have possibly broken one of the small bones in my hand. They don't show up on xrays so can't be certain. Ouch.

Oh well. Such is life!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Money money money

It seems that everyone wants money from me just now. I got a letter this morning from the council to say that I owed them £935 as they had over paid me. The letter also said I have to pay it back within 3 months. Er, like £300 a month, from where?
I am annoyed that their error is going to leave me short of cash, so I have spoken to my union about it. I can agree to pay back a lesser amount each month which will not leave me in financial difficulties.
My dishwasher packed in last week too, so it is at the repair man's waiting to see if it can be repaired. Knowing my luck it will be worthy of being skipped. So there's another expense, money for a new dishwasher. Yes it is a luxury so I will have to manage without one for now.
And then one other demand for money which I won't go into. Very unfair of the person involved given our past dealings. I can't face an arguement so will end up going along with it.

To say I am upset and annoyed is


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Can you help?

On Saturday 15th December my local branch of WAY is having a Christmas party for the children of it's members.

What I need is bits and pieces of crafting stuff to make Christmas cards. There will be a crafting table for the kids to make them, so needs to be suitable for all ages of children.

Can you spare anything? If you can help, please email me

Remember, to be a member of WAY you have to have lost your husband/wife when you were under 50. So there will be lots of children at the party who are sadly growing up without one of their parents.

If you can help, it would be massively appreciated.