Friday, January 30, 2009

At last the car is sorted

it has worn me out!
I am now the proud owner of a brand new Touran 2.0 TDi SE after standing up for myself and my rights. Hoorah!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's good to have dreams, well I think so anyway! Some of mine are of the ilk that probably won't ever be fulfilled, but are still nice to have ticking away in the back of my mind... you know the ones I mean, 'When I win the lottery, first I will buy' etc etc. Fingers crossed my numbers come in at some point, but hey, I am quite happy with how things are for now!
I fulfilled one dream when I was 21. When I was younger I spent a great deal of time playing my violin and viola in various orchestras, touring the world and seeing the sights along the way. One thing I wanted to do was fit in a stint of playing professionally. I didn't think it was something I wanted to do long term, but I wanted to have a go! While I was living in Enschede in the Netherlands, I did a spot of freelance playing with Orkest van het Oosten, a professional orchestra which was based in the town. I loved every minute, improved my Dutch whilst there, and got to expand my repertoire too. I toyed briefly with staying on in Enschede, instead of returning to Leeds to complete my BMus degree, but eventually decided to go back to Leeds.
I don't get the time to play as often as I would like, it is something I know will get easier once the girls are older. Getting out in the evenings has to be planned with military precision, and sometimes unforseen obstacles get in the way so trips out have to be shelved.
Another dream I have had since childhood is also performance related, this time involving my voice rather than my violin or viola. When I was a child, my parents had the LP of the Joseph soundtrack. I have listened and listened to it, buying it on CD as times progressed. Obviously the role of Joseph isn't quite right for me, but I have always harboured secret desires to take the role of the narrator. My girls are big fans too, we watched Any Dream Will Do on TV, and last February we went to see the touring production of Joseph when it came to Leeds. I do rather like Lee Meade, always good to have someone who is kind on the eye as well as a good singer lol. We listen to the most recent recording of Joseph (featuring Jason Donovan so not actually that recent) on my iphone, connecting it up when we're in the car. It has to be one of our favourites, and we must look like complete nutters when we are all singing along. But do we care? Not a chance!
SO one day... will I fulfill my dream and sing the role of the Narrator in Joseph on stage?
Maybe one day... until then I can dream, but my dream doesn't feature the waistcoat Keith wears for performances because I don't like it! Haha, small things to make me smile, eh!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A day at the hospital

Alex's ENT surgery was today. She had a new set of grommets fitted, and also had her adenoids removed. She had a heavy nosebleed in theatre, so was in there for a little longer than usual. On coming round, she was very upset, but calmed down eventually once we were back on the ward. She is now fast asleep in my bed, and has to have ten days off school, so I hope her recovery is smooth.
I am exhausted, it was upsetting to see her in discomfort but I am very glad it is all done.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Final chapter?

It would seem that the saga of the car is almost complete.... I spoke to my contact at VW head office today, and VW have agreed to replace my heap of junk/tiguan with a touran, brand new and hopefully far more reliable!
Fingers crossed it all gets sorted very quickly....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you 'get' your child's maths homework?

There are so many different ways of teaching calculations in maths lately that I know many parents get confused! Hey, I'm a primary school teacher and I get a bit confuzzled from time to time. Here's an interesting take on current trends in teaching maths. Watch and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scrapagogo Colour me Happy!

Hooray I bagged me a spot on Scrapagogo' Colour Me Happy day retreat in July! It is in Warrington, so doable from where I live. Most retreats seem to be too far from here, or cost so much that they are out of my league. That and they are weekend long affairs, which realistically I can't manage. My parents help me out so much, but I just don't feel comfortable asking them to take the girls for extended periods. The full length Getaway was just too long for me, much as I would have loved to have gone. Plus it booked up too quickly for me to get organised. So Colour me Happy is booked, and I am so excited about it all, I think I might burst!

News from the sickbay: Sophie is a bit better today, still very ropey, but chirpier which is a good sign. Mum and dad are on their way down as I type so that I can go back to work tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Flu has arrived

My poor Sophie has got flu. Having been off colour for a few days, she succumbed to it overnight and is really quite ill. I can't remember her being ill like this since she last had flu, which was when she was almost two. I was pregnant with Alex at the time, and we both had flu. We spent two weeks in bed, Sophie was a very active toddler so it showed how poorly she was.
This time it seems to have hit her just as badly, she has laid on the sofa all day and not moved, bless her. It is so hard to watch your child feel so horrid and be unable to do anything other than give calpol and nurofen :(

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My craft room

I have spent my weekend having a HUGE sort out in my craft room as it had turned into the world's biggest dumping ground. It is not quite finished, but a million times better than it was, so I am ready to share it with you!

Here's my desk. It goes along under the window which is at the front of my house. It's made to measure from MDF, and as you can see I have the stuff I use the most right at hand. Most of the Scrapagogo boxes on top of the shelves are empty, just need to get them down now and throw them out.

Here's a close up of where I keep my Stampin Up markers and my promarkers. On the top shelf is white card ready to stamp onto. Next to the little shelf is my tote, which has all sorts of tools in it that I use regularly. You can see my ATG gun behind it, what a gadget, I love that yellow gun! I have my rolls of adhesive tape on a chrome mug stand, an idea given to me by Julie which is very handy. In the boxes next to the tote I have inks, various adhesives, and then pots of pencils, and other pens.

This pic shows the storage I had built to measure for my really useful 12x12 boxes. I have all sorts of patterned paper in those, and one ox houses all my letter stickers. I am currently loving AC Thickers as my friend Jan kindly gave me 3 more packs for Christmas!. On the worktop is my printer. I have room to craft with a friend (Julie!!!) or otherwise to do my paperwork for school at that end of the workspace.

I have plans to have a go at quilting this year, and my sewing machine is at the ready! Underneath I have my albums, and two more RUBs with flowers and chipboard in.

Here's my ribbon racks, and above them the bar I store my SU punches on. The ribbon racks are tie racks from Ikea and were not expensive at all. I even put them up myself, which involved wielding my DeWalt drill at a brick wall!!

Next we have my acrylic paper stacker, which I bought when an online shop shut down. Then there is my kitchen trolley on which my cricut expression lives. Underneath are some canvasses I picked up cheaply when the Works shut down. Plus the cards I have made but not sent yet. Next to that,my SU ink caddy. Not full yet!

Here's my SU stash. I lve SU stamps, I have really got into stamping since Monica came to do a workshop early last year. I make as many cards as I do scrapbook layouts now. Above is my Christmas stash, I am part way through Shimelle's JYC so hopefully I will finish that soon. Underneath is my beloved sizzix.

The last two pics are of general storage, which houses cardstock, embellishments, my BIA and Dreamkutz, and all sorts of other crafting delights.

So there you go, that's my craft room. Now it is finally organised more effectively, I am planning on doing an awful lot more crafting in 2009. I have got off to a good start, so here's to a great crafting year. Thanks for looking, and please do leave me a comment!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Saga continues...

not sure what the outcome will be but today has not been good.
In a word, if you are thinking of buying a Volkswagen and you live in or around Leeds, do NOT buy it from Leeds Volkswagen, Richard Alexander Volkswagen as was. Crap service does not even come close, unfortunately for me.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The saga of the car

So in October last year I bought myself my dream car. Sounds ridiculous, but the Tiguan I bought really was my dream car.
When I was a teenager, my parents and I would often go for a walk around where we lived. At the top of the road I lived on was a garage selling second hand cars. For several months, on the forecourt stood a blue 4x4, a small one, and I would admire it every time we went past. I remember being gutted to find it had been sold! Since then, my dream car has always been a small, blue, 4x4, and the tiguan ticked every box for what I was looking for.
My heart led the way when it came to buying the tiguan, so now I am having to be sensible and follow my head. The tiguan has broken down twice in the two months since I bought it, including last week when I was down in Reading. Having spent time looking into the fault which has occurred, it seems to be one which happens rather too frequently for my liking in certain Volkswagens.
Realistically, VW have sold me a car which is not fit for purpose. No fault of the guy who sold me the car, a rather lovely man called Russ, or even the guy in the service department, called Lee, who has bent over backwards to help me since the car started playing up. I can not fault them, it is just so very unfortunate that the car is a complete dodo! Now comes the tricky part, getting VW to acknowledge that I am within my rights to return the car. I can reject it within 6 months of purchase, and I fully intend on doing so. I would gladly accept another VW in return, but under no circumstances can I have another Tiguan. Having looked at the options available, I would rather have a Touran, and there is a model which has the same list price as the Tiguan I bought.
Wish me luck, VW are not going to give me what I want without a fight, hopefully it will be a very ladylike one! I just hope they realise that I will not give up easily!

Craft wise, I seem to have rediscovered the desire to craft! I am aiming to craft every day in 2009, some days I will complete more than one item so that gives me a headstart if I miss a day. My running total can be seen over to the right. Once I find the disc to put the software for my camera on my new laptop, I will upload some pics. So far I have made 5 cards, 2 ATCs and done 3 scrapbook layouts. I have many lovely craft stash items to use up, and I am enjoying it very much!
Enough for now, work tomorrow, time to sleep!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Oops I forgot!

Before Christmas I received a lovely surprise of a PIF from Diane In it were some gorgeous stamped images, ribbon, and a beautiful card made by Diane. Thanks Diane, I have had fun with the images!
I am off to my mum's this weekend so when I return I will offer up 3 PIFs, watch this space!

Happy 2009!

Crept up on me nicely! This week has rushed past, my car decided to malfunction again so that knocked my planning for six. No idea where the car is now, somewhere between Basingstoke and Leeds on the back of a towtruck. I am hopeful that some kind soul will bash it and it will be written off, such a piece of junk it is!
Anyway, moving on, NYE last night was fantastic. There were 30 of us here celebrating in style. We bettered last year's empty bottle count, to such an extent that I dare not count them all... The kids played on the wii and in the playroom (must tidy that later) and the adults chatted and drank. And then drank some more! It was good fun, even though my head was a little cloudy this morning...
I'm raring to go with 2009. Lots of plans that I won't share just yet so watch this space.

I am working on a craft project, namely a card/scrapbook page/craft project a day in 2009. So far so good as I made two cards earlier. It is my mum's birthday on Saturday, so had to sort a couple out for her.

It is getting late now, so I will be back soon with photos of what I've been making. Adios for now.