Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pamper Day

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Prompt today was polish, so as Becky, my mobile beautician pal was here painting the girls' toenails, I decided to go for this interpretation of polish! Gorgeous colour, don'tcha think!

Packing furiously now, so this will be my last post until June. I am so in need of some beach time......

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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Well I must have looked like a prize idiot, laid on my garden path this tea time! Managed to get an ok shot tho, so not too bad.

Been to Lighterlife this evening, and I've done it, I've hit the big 6 stone lost! Yippee, am so happy to have done that in time for my holidays! We fly out on Friday morning at stupid o'clock (otherwise known as 6.15 am) so we will be able to hit the beach in the afternoon.

Not sure if I will have time to check in while we're away, but I will try.

Monday, May 21, 2007


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A photo of my latest minibook as promised. The photos were taken in summer 1996 when I was at University. The University Symphony Orchestra toured the Oban area of Scotland. We did several concerts, and the rest of the time was spent in a stupour! Drunk isn't quite enough of a description I don't think! On the way home I looked absolutely shocking, having only spent an hour in bed without an alcoholic drink in my hand. Makes me shudder now. Yuck.

I have attracted some Dutch visitors as Anita lives in the Netherlands. I saw one blogger's take on cookies was speculaas cookies. Gingerbread, dutch style. Yum yum . Having spent a year living in Enschede whilst studying with Jaap van Zweden at the Conservatorium, I learned to love so many Dutch foods. Drop, stroopwaffels, olliebollen, haagelslag, vla, and the Indonesian food which was so readily available there too. Nasi goreng, bami, more yum yum!!! I need a visit to Amsterdam so I can fit in an Indonesian meal again, washed down with a nice vasje of Amstel or Grolsch.

If anyone would like to send me some of the Dutch food listed above, leave me a comment and I'll be in touch...... LOL :D

My first attempt....

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This is my attempt at Anita and Kirsty's prompt over on Her Space My Space. Anyway, the word today is cookies. In our house, jaffa cakes rule supreme on the cookie front. We have several other types of cookies/biscuits/whatever you want to call them, but it is the jaffa cakes which always go first. Not even the Pink Panther pink wafer biccies can beat the jaffa cakes!

I actually managed to do some scrapping today. Made me a mini book using some cracking photos taken when I was at uni. I will photograph it later and possibly post a pic...

It felt great to get back into my scrap room and actually have the desire to scrap. Once again my mojo had departed, but it seems to be returning. I have a joiner coming tomorrow to measure up for a purpose built scrapping desk in my new scrap room. I want lots of shelves in there too, so in no time it will be a permanent place for me to scrap. The dining room has been great as a temporary home for now, but once that is clear I am looking forward to being able to go and scrap in the evenings without interruption!

The dining room will become a toy room, and so hopefully my house will look like less of a toy shop. The loft is getting closer to completion every day, and Jim the joiner has been putting door frames in today. Hopefully the sparky will sort out the electrics tomorrow, and then the toilet and washbasin, and the radiators, will go in on Wednesday. Then it's the bannister..... who knows exactly when it will be finished, but in the next week for sure!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photographic evidence....

Here I was back in January on the day I started Lighterlife
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And here I am today, just short of six, yes six stone lighter.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fat girl slim?

If I manage to lose 3 pounds this week then I will have lost 6 stone since January. Total loss is 80 lb. Scary. More than both my children put together. And I have been lugging that round in flab. Gross.

I now have 10lb to get to my target weight. I will still be classed as slightly heavier than the government thinks I should be, but I am very very happy with how I am looking lately. I bought a skirt last week which was a size 14. That was a very good moment for me! I think I need to slow down my shopping though.... I have been buying lots of gorgeous clothes lately! I just need a few more things for my holiday to Menorca.........

Monday, May 14, 2007


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First piccie was taken October 2004 and we sent it as a CHristmas card to family and some friends.
The second picture was taken in August when Sophie was 2.5 and Alex was 4 months.

Bit better today. Just looking at these pictures shows how fast life is passing us by. Alex had another attempt at a tantrum tonight but I ignored it. She didn't want to go to bed but I kept on with putting her back. Both she and Sophie spurned my spag bol, so most of that ended up in the bin *sigh*.

Tomorrow night it is tea by request. Hot dogs. Wowee how healthy. Officers of the Food Police, please don't shoot me down in flames.

Everything in moderation eh?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Toddler Tamer Required

Apply in writing asap to....

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This is my youngest daughter, Alexandra, known as Alex. Blimey she is hard work. Enough to drive you to distraction. She was hard work when there were two of us dealing with her, but now that it is just me from Monday to Friday it verges on horrific. This evening she spurned the meal I had cooked for her, and then went to rummage in the fridge for what she fancied. Then at bath time she decided she wanted to wear my bathrobe and not her own. What followed was a prolonged period of screaming, whilst I held her tight and dried her, put pyjamas on and put her to bed. The screaming continued, but fortunately she was tired and so fell asleep about 20 minutes later.
Alex's behaviour is testing. It sends me towards the edge at times as I wonder how on earth I will handle it alone.
So as a result, tonight I feel very, very alone. Faced with bringing up my two girls, Sophie is a breeze but Alex is certainly pushing all the wrong buttons. My life is too much of a rollercoaster ride for me to handle. But of course I will get on with it. Accept it. Deal with it. Even when I don't really want to.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Fab weekend.... shame it had to end

What a great weekend, and fortunately nice and relaxing too. It was fantastic to see my bestest bud from school again, and made it even more frustrating that she lives in Bath, so far from us here in Leeds.
On Saturday we went into Leeds and I parted with just short of £100 for shoes for the girls. Had to be done, and it couldn't be done cheaply that's for sure. Then Jo and I hit the shops, going into Fat Face on Briggate.
Wow what lovely clothes. Came out with a swimsuit for Sophie, a belt for me and a gorgeous airlie sweat for me. Ended up with a small man's sweatshirt as the women's ones were not quite what I was looking for. Hit Lush too, and Jo bought her 400th pair of plip plops. Need to get me some methinks. ALthough I have spent plenty on clothes and shoes lately.....
On Saturday afternoon we did some gardening, or maybe that should be described as hard labour... we dug up turf and laid new turf too, Jo wasn't expecting that bless her! My garden does look rather lovely now, and on its way to how I want it to be.
Saturday night was spent in the company of the gorgeous Daniel Craig, as we drooled over Casino Royale. Wow, I just lurve Bond.
Then yesterday we chilled out, nipped to Curry's to get a new kettle, and then spent most of the day either in the garden or laid on the sofas.
After feeding Jo up on her favourite food for lunch, she set off back to Bath.
And that's where I wish it wasn't so far.
Miss you already mate, but thanks for coming up and cheering me up BIG TIME!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Farewell Happy Mood

Yep, it's gone. Out the door quicker than Jack Flash. And all because there are people out there who think they can treat you badly. I am not even bothered about the reason for the nastiness, just astounded at how people can be so SPINELESS!
I had an experience on a similar line last year, when someone was hugely nasty to me over something very small. Ended up with lots of nasty rumours being circulated about me which were most definitely not true. But then after Nigel died, into my email inbox popped a message saying how sorry they were and how much they missed our friendship.
So sorry that they never got in touch again. Like, er, whatever. I don't have time in my life for shallow, spineless people. If people make the effort for me, I will return the effort. Gone are the days when I do the running after friends. They are not true friends if they will leave me in the lurch, are they?
Oh well, back to the drawing board, no skin off my nose, so to speak.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Clean bill of health

Having slept from 4.45pm yesterday on and off, I felt much better today, but still hugely tired. I went to see my GP this morning, and was given a clean bill of health. I had some blood taken, and she reassured me that the Lighterlife diet had nothing to do with the faint. She said it is so well balanced nutritionally that I am better off than most people who eat normal food. She also said that I should continue with the diet to get to a healthy weight, as being overweight does carry so many health risks.
So I went and had a chat with my LL counsellor, and it was great to talk things through. As I missed my last weigh in because I was in London, I jumped on the scales for an informal weigh in, and I have now lost 5 stone 4 pounds!!! That leaves me within grasping distance of my target weight, which is just fantastic!
No work again tomorrow to help me feel better, plus I have an ENT appointment at the LGI. Might just have to fit in some retail therapy as so many of my clothes don't fit....