Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas!

Another year over with! We have had a fabulous Christmas this year, the snow has made it so special. The girls have loved every minute out in it, and are now sledging queens! Hearing them laugh so much this morning was infectious, they were so happy to be outside in the sunshine, sliding down the hillside on two red plastic discs.

The girls both received Gogo hamsters, which seem to have become this year's must have toy. They love them to bits, and have played with them over and over again already.

Tomorrow we head to my brother's so I will sign off for now.

Happy Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tale as old as time

This week we have been involved with Beauty and the Beast at church. We did two performances, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, and we loved every minute of it! The girls and I were villagers, and the picture above shows the girls during a story telling session with Belle. The rehearsal schedule was full on, but it is easy to forget the graft when the performances go as well as they did! There were a couple of comedy moments, got to happen really at some point!

My parents came to see the performance on Saturday and loved it. Several friends came too, which I really appreciated. Not everyone made it because of ill health, and also the weather was not kind to those who were travelling from further afield.

The story of Beauty and the Beast is most definitely a favourite in our house now. The girls love singing all the songs, in fact Sophie was gutted that she wasn't allowed to be in the Mob Song or the Gaston song (set in a tavern)! Alex was more concerned that she hadn't been chosen to be a teacup, but unfortunately we were on holiday when the auditions took place back in August. Alex also managed to fall head first off a chair whilst sat backstage this evening, and whacked her forehead nicely. She's got an impressive lump and bruise, bless her!

I love being part of the drama team at church, it is an amazing team to serve on and so rewarding when we get to the final shows. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed being involved this year, Sophie was in Scrooge last year but this was Alex's first year. Somehow I think we will be back next year, and we will make sure we are at the auditions so we get a look in for more of a part!

Time to sleep now, exhaustion was passed a few days ago, the enjoyment of it all has kept us going but now it is time to crash and sleep!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A change is as good as a rest, right?

Next week is the end of an era for me. I decided back in October to resign from my permanent teaching job and switch to doing supply teaching. My notice period is up next week, so I will leave on Wednesday. I've been there for ten years, so my plan is that a change will be as good as a rest. Teaching is family friendly in that you get holidays the same as your children, but it is not so flexible if something happens during term time such as a child being ill and needing hospital visits. Of course, I have had time off to be with Alex over recent months as I am entitled to it, but it is not limitless, and I have juggled childcare at other times. Supply teaching will give me more flexibility as I can choose when to make myself available for work. If Alex or Sophie is poorly, then I don't work that day.

I will be sad to leave the children at school, and the staff too, but this decision is not one I have made lightly, and it is definitely the right one. My parents were not impressed initially, but after I explained it all to them, they too can see that in the long run it will be the right choice for me. It was announced at the Christmas concert on Tuesday night that I would be leaving, and I must admit that I was very touched by the reaction of the children and their parents, their obvious feelings that I should not be leaving brought a lump to my throat.

So January 2010 will see a new start in terms of employment for me. I am confident that I can pick up plenty of supply work fairly locally. Now all I need is to send out my CV to local schools.

The last couple of weeks have been difficult emotionally. I carried out a supreme act of kindness for someone, and then had it thrown back into my face very unpleasantly, which took by totally by surprise. I was deeply, deeply upset and hurt by everything that happened, so I will be thinking very carefully about anything I do in future for others. It's a shame really, but I can't face going through all that again.

Anyway, time to get up and ready to face the world. Today I am going to the gym first, then we are off to see Where the Wild Things Are at the cinema. Have a great day, wherever you are!