Monday, July 30, 2007

Remembering the funny things...

An old friend of Nigel's (and of mine too of course) sent me a text this evening wishing me happy memories of our wedding day. She reminded me of how Nigel managed to lock his keys in his car, and so he ended up having to go and buy new socks. He went commando under his hired trousers.....
The next day there was a mad rush back to Leeds to get his spare set of car keys before leaving on our honeymoon.
So tonight I am toasting Nigel with a glass (or 3 ) of his favourite wine, a french white called Pouilly Fume. Very delicious...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seven years ago...

I'm going to post my favourite picture of Nigel and I again. This may not be a photo from our wedding day, but I could not bring myself to look at those today.

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Today has been very odd in terms of how I have felt. Numb is perhaps the best way to describe it. Incomplete for sure. Last year Nigel spent the day at the Gildersome Gala, a fundraising event at our local pub. I was on the way back from Scotland after a holiday with Heather and Erin. Once the girls were in bed, we shared Nigel's choice of nibbles from Marks and Sparks, the lemon pepper chicken goujons being most memorable. We've never been big on anniversaries, but we would always spend time together over a meal of some description.

Seven years... that day was the happiest of my life, we had a wonderful day. It might have poured with rain, meaning that the photographs had to be taken inside, but nothing could spoil that day. Not even Nigel leaving a size 12 shoe print on my wedding dress as we left the church!

This time last year NIgel and I celebrated six years together. If anyone had ever suggested how I would spend my seventh anniversary, I would have laughed in their faces.

But here I am, 31 years old, mother of two gorgeous girls, and a widow. Life changes so very quickly, no one can tell what lies ahead. The sadness since August last year has been immense, all consuming at times. But there is brightness glimmering at the end of the tunnel, difficult to see on days like today. But it is there, and the girls and I can see that.

One thing I definitely know for sure. Nigel lives on in Sophie and Alex, and he would be so very proud of them both.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

All Disneyed Out...

Home at last, after a fantastic holiday. Our journey home was fraught and involved an overnight stop in London, but let's not dwell on that. (or the suitcase which is still in London as I type this!)

We had such fun at Disneyland, the girls could not quite believe they were there. The place as a whole makes a massive impact on your senses as an adult, never mind as a child who adores all things disney! We had breakfast with the characters, and I also treated us to dinner at the Auberge du Cendrillon, with the princesses. Cost me an arm and a leg but it was worth every penny to see how the girls enjoyed it. We feasted that night, right down to cocktails and wines for each course. Yum yum.

So now it is time to wash the dirty clothes, put away all the belongings, and generally tidy things up. Yawn, boring stuff.

Just a few snaps, memories which will be scrapped very soon.

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Tomorrow is my 7th Wedding Anniversary. How can life change so dramatically in such a short time?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Disneyland Paris here we come...

The cases are packed and in the car, the girls went to bed in an excited state, Joanne and I are ready to roll out of bed at 3.15 to leave here at 4 am.
Disneyland awaits... see you soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

And my sports day superstar...

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Bless her!

Photographs to compare...

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Top one was taken yesterday morning, and Sophie was one grumpy bunny! The bottom one was taken on her very first day at school back in September.

Friday, July 20, 2007

School year is over

That's reception finished for Sophie. Can't believe she has completed her first year at school already. She exceeded all her early learning goals, and is working at level one. That will give her a great start to year one with Mrs Lowry. I have taken a photograph of her to compare to the one I took on her first day, but t'internet is playing up and won't let me upload anything tonight.
I also have some pics of Alex at her sports day. She looks the part, running down the field with her baseball cap on. When I can get them uploaded I will share them.
Still feeling a bit rough with a chest infection so apologies for the lack of posts.
Back soon, bye for now!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poor Alex

This tea time I spent 3 hours in casualty at the LGI. Alex managed to slam her fingers in the conservatory door, and I have never heard her scream like that before. She was beside herself with pain and shock. I rang a friend who is a nurse and she said to get her checked out, so off we trotted. I left Sophie at her friend's house, dragging her along would have made it truly hideous. Being a lone parent at times like this show me just how hard it can be. Finding someone to leave the other child with can be tricky.
Alex was a superstar at the hospital, sitting perfectly whilst being xrayed. She was so tired she fell asleep on the way home, and didn't stir when I put her to bed. Sophie was bathed and ready for bed in her friend's PJs when I picked her up, which she thought was great fun! I am exhausted now, oh well, at least Alex is ok.
Heather and Erin have gone home a little earlier than planned as Heather fell yesterday and twisted her knee. Ian came over while we were at the hospital to pick them up. Sad that the weekend didn't go to plan :(
It is the last week of term for Sophie in reception. Busy busy busy. Lots to do. I can't quite believe that my baby has almost finished her first year at school. Her report was glowing, and she has matured so much this year. I am very proud to be her mummy, and I know Nigel would be proud of her too.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting things in motion...

I have set things in motion to hopefully change my hours at work from September. Nothing concrete as yet, but I will be working fewer hours in a less stressful role. Still doing the teaching that I enjoy, but without the responsibility of a class. I really do enjoy being a teacher, but unfortunately teaching is one of the least time consuming aspect of the job these days. Paperwork takes over, with target setting, appraisals, assessments, planning, marking and the suchlike intruding into the lives of teachers long after they have left the classroom and gone home.

I have guests for the weekend. Heather has come over from Anglesey. The kids created at bedtime, so we are both exhausted. Not seen her since, so no doubt she is asleep now. The girls have a training day tomorrow, so we will find something to keep them amused.

Monday, July 09, 2007

A Sad Day

This morning I received a text message which I had known would arrive sometime today. It told me that at midnight last night, my friend's 3 month old son lost his fight to continue life. He has had many medical problems since birth, and sadly he fell asleep for the last time last night. I feel absolutely desolate for my friend and her family; she has two daughters similar in age to my two, and they must be feeling immense sadness at the loss of their brother.

Something I have stopped trying to do is to understand why people die. Logic does not come into it. When your number is up, there is nothing you can do about it. Some people leave before you expect them to, others outlive your wildest expectations. Nigel certainly left well before anyone expected him to, and I would still give everything I have to just have one more minute with him. But of course that can't be. I know he has gone, and I hope that my friend's son is somewhere where he does not suffer. I will not say a better place, as how can there be anywhere better than with your family? People said that to me when Nigel died. How could Nigel be somewhere which was better than being with the girls and me?

I do believe in God, and I do not hide my faith. Yes there are times when I wonder why God has chosen to do certain things, but I can not explain them and never will. Accepting tragedies alongside happy times is part of life, part of becoming a better person. It is just indescribably painful trying to do this when life throws it's worst at you. If only life were easy.... but it's not. So let's get on with it, make the most of it and take the rough with the smooth.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bloggers in print

I was reading the Sunday Times today about bloggers who have ended up with publishing deals because of what they have written on their blogs. What a great way to earn a living, write a blog and get paid £70000 for the pleasure! I wonder if there is scope for a book about a young widow who loves to scrapbook, spend time with her children and attempt to become a domestic goddess?

The weekend has passed in a blur. Sophie had a friend sleeping over last night which went smoothly. Both girls were asleep by 8.15. Alex was a bit more problematic, and she ended up in my bed to start off with. Soon shipped her back to her own bed though.

This afternoon I managed to sneak in a quick catnap as I was exhausted. I need to slow down a bit this week. The trouble with being at home is that I feel that I want to get on with sorting the house out, and then end up overdoing it! Hence the need for a nap this afternoon. This week I am going to take it easier and not worry about the mess. I need to buy a BBQ too as I have friends coming over on Sunday for lunch. Fingers crossed the weather improves, otherwise it will be a lim sarnie in the conservatory!

Still no photographs of what I have been scrapping....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Busy as a bee

Well I have been busy, busy, busy here. Still very up and down with my mood, but I am cracking on with sorting things out in the house. It still looks like a bomb has hit it, but a more controlled bomb!
My scrap room is coming together, slowly but surely. All the cupboards are in now, so I am on with putting everything in it's new home. I am also going through all the paperwork in the house, and throwing all sorts of stuff away. I have shredded another mountain, and put it out for recycling. Been to the tip twice in two days, filled up my neighbours' bins as they have been away so their bins are empty, and reduced the amount of junk in my house by a large margin.
I still need to photograph my latest layouts, I will do that at the weekend for sure.
Onwards with the decluttering...