Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The news has come

Grandad died this evening.

I am relieved that his pain is over, but so sad too.

Monday, October 29, 2007

No news is good news, right?

Grandad is still with us, not sure how long for. He is very poorly. The phone rang at 7.40 this morning and I expected it to be my mum, but it was a friend who I had rung the day before returning my call. Phew for now.

Today I went to book a holiday with another widowed friend. We are going all out and have booked a Caribbean holiday for Easter next year. Bit expensive really, but then we all know that life is short...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playing the waiting game

My grandad is very ill. His treatment has been reduced to pain killers only, so now we wait.

Pray for my lovely Grandad Ted tonight. Nigel is waiting for him in a place which is free of pain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home again

What a weekend at Center Parcs! We all had such a fantastic time, making the most of the swimming pool, the spa and all the outdoor facilities. Emotionally it was a tricky weekend, as it was deeply sad to see so many children and adults together because of their bereavement. The children played so well together, it was as if the loss of a parent meant they knew each other already. Plenty of tears were shed, but then equally we were able to talk together about the traumas that life has thrown at us and grow stronger as a result. I will post more later, as we are off to Harewood House today for some Halloween fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birthday time

Today would have been Nigel's 42nd birthday. I have thought of him a lot today, no tears as yet but the night is still young.
I haven't blogged in a while as I have been so, so busy. I went back to work on Tuesday after 4 months off. I had two easy days to help me readjust, which was good. There have been a lot of changes in staff, so several new faces to meet.
I have done some crafting but as usual I haven't photographed it. I will when we get back from Center Parcs, which is where we are headed tomorrow. 350 widows and widowers and their children are heading for Sherwood CP tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing some good friends, and hopefully making some new ones. It is desperately sad that any of us are in the situations we are in, but hey, let's make the best of it.
See you after the weekend.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Do YOU Bind-It-All?

I've had this gadget about a month now, and I must say I just love it! It is an amazing little punch/binder which means you can produce really great mini books and other bound projects.
I've used it for lots of different things so far, and today I finished my favourite yet.
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This is a card organiser I made for my friend Sarah. It is made using Fancy Pants papers, which came in my July Scrapagogo kit. There is space to record the birthdays etc for each month, and also pockets to keep cards in. I bound it, of course, with the BIA.
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This is a project I have started but have yet to finish. It is a 6x6 book made using the Heidi Grace papers and cardstock from my September Scrapagogo kit. The papers are textured and very tactile, so lovely to work with. I'm planning on taking photographs of things in my life just now to put in the book. When I get round to it lol!
So this is my last week of 'freedom' before I go back to work. My depression is sorted now, and I feel better than I have done in a long time. I am starting to get out more on a social level. WAY is still a great support for me, and later this month we are going to Center Parcs Nottigham for the annual WAY meetup. The girls found it hard initially to realise that there are unfortunately lots of other boys and girls who have lost their mummy or daddy. I am hoping friendships will be formed when we are there. No-one quite understands unless they have been there themselves.
Other than that, life is ticking along nicely. My throat has healed amazingly well, and I have more energy now that the constant low level infection has gone. Going back to work will be just fine. After all, I am lucky to only have to work two days a week. Got to watch the pennies, but other than that I will have plenty of time for my lovely girls.
Bye for now

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sisters on canvas

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Finally finished this off today. The canvas is painted with the same colour as is now on my hall walls, so it is to go on the stairs up to my mum and dad's bedroom. Papers are BG Scarlet's Letter, BG mini monos, Little Silver Hat ribbons, blooms from my LSH kit and from Sarah's Cards.

Pleased with how it turned out. Now to start on a birthday book for my buddy Sarah.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mission accomplished!

Hooray! Managed to pick up a pink power ranger costume at good ole' Marks and SPraks today. Alex will love it. Now to track down what I need for Sophie...

I went to the doctor's today to sort my final sick note. I am going back to work on 16th October, doing my two days a week as planned. It will be good to be back, just got to make sure I don't lose my voice. That is why I am off for the next two weeks, as I get hoarse as soon as I try and make myself heard. I'm teaching in reception and in year 3/4, so it will be nice to expand my repertoire, so to speak!

So I am off now to scrap, I am in the middle of doing a canvas for the hall wall. Looking good so far.