Saturday, November 18, 2006


Do I have to? Don't really fancy it.
Got to for the girls but I am not even vaguely in the mood for it this year. People are talking about putting up Christmas trees. I am going to put mine up as late as I can.

And another thing.... get over it.... its been 3 months... what's all that about?

When someone dies, you never get over it, not to get back to how your life was before they died. I will never get over Nigel's death, not completely. It has changed me in certain ways, hopefully not in a bad way.

But for someone to say get over it, well they have obviously never experienced a loss like this. Fortunately it wasn't said to me, otherwise this person may well have been sporting a cracker of a shiner.

Get over it? Never. Move on and make the best of it, yes. But never will I forget my Nigel.


Anonymous said...

Hugs mate. And lol at the thought of you lamping someone- you are such a sweet person.

BTW- GRRRRR at whoever flippin said it

Vikki said...

Dont listen to other people. I bet they have never been through it! Grief takes time!

so give your girls and you a big hug for getting this far.

mimsie said...

some folk are very insensitive by there nature, you have to feel sorry for them.. they probably have never loved like are doing really well Anna. you keep smiling and hold your head high, the folk that matter to you understand. :)

Anonymous said...

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