Monday, August 31, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

Ok proof that I do craft sometimes... a commission for a 50th Wedding Anniversary card or a friend of a friend. I took an arty angled shot but Blogger won't let me upload it for some reason. The card itself is made from greyboard and covered in Bazzill as it is a keepsake card, so needed to be a bit sturdier than a standard card blank. The hearts are cut with my cricut.

We spent last week in Majorca, we had a great week enjoying the sunshine, and most of all enjoying the pool at the villa. My brother and his family came too, as my mum and dad had treated us all to the holiday. The four children loved the pool, in fact Alex would have spent all day in it if I had let her! Her swimming has come on so much because of swimming every day. Sophie is a super swimmer already! Sam, my nephew, had a blast improving his swimming too, and Olivia, my 2 year old niece, actually floated in the pool without an adult holding her! She had her armbands on, but nobody holding her!

Here's my nephew Sam jumping into the pool. Then comes Sophie, who looks as if she is suspended in mid air in this shot!
Finally, Alex making jumping into the water look like lots of fun!

We landed back at Leeds Bradford on Saturday night, so since then I have been unpacking, sorting out and the suchlike. This afternoon I went to have my eyebrows threaded with my friend Dawn, goodness, that hurt! The end result is impressive, but the tears were rolling down my face while it was being done. Amazing what can be done with a piece of thread!

Back to school this week... doesn't seem like we've had almost 7 weeks off. Just debating a weekend at Featherdown Farms at half term, Sophie is keen to go camping, and I think this may well appease her for now! The idea of sleeping in a sleeping bag fills me with horror lol.

Enough for now, hope you've all had a great summer!

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Vicki Conway said...

These are fab photos - how do you manage it?