Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Triggers that pop up every now and again

Anyway, here's a photograph of the girls on the first day of this school year. So grown up, I can't quite work out how time seems to be going so quickly! Sophie is in year 4 this year, and Alex has moved into year 2. I'm in new year groups too, working one day a week in nursery, and one day in year 1. All great so far! Long may it continue!

I haven't forgotten about crafting, honest! I just haven't taken any photographs of my projects lately, I will soon I promise!

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stephanie said...

So nice to see you blogging but so sad to hear about the little girls daddy. Your girls are beautiful and I'm sure decisions you make will be the right ones. It doesn't seem that long ago that my daughter was in year 4 and now we are helping her chose a university and she is learning to drive. Where did those years go?