Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aviva Life Insurance TV Advert

Have you seen it? First time I did, I wailed. Well, not quite wailed, but I did have a good cry about the sentiment expressed in the advert. It is about a family where the dad, played by Paul Whitehouse, has died leaving behind his wife and two children. They are packing to go on holiday, and initially you think all four of them are going, but then it becomes clear that the dad has died. The daughter says, "It won't be the same without dad.'

The point of the advert is to encourage people to take out life insurance so as to offer their families financial security should the worst happen. Since Nigel died, I have discovered that there are an awful lot of people out there who have either no cover or very little cover. I can't stress enough how important it is to have cover, even though so many people think that it will never happen to them. I used to think that, but look, it happened to us so it could happen to you. Fortunately we had taken good financial advice from Andy Tams at Total Solutions. If you're in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area and have never seen a financial adviser, then I can recommend this firm completely.

I can still remember the phone conversation I had with Andy, a few hours after Nigel died. I rang him from Portugal at around 9am, Nigel had passed away just before 3am so it wasn't long after. I could hear his jaw hit the floor from all those miles away. It was probably the absolute last thing he would have expected to hear in a phone call from me that morning, but as soon as I had finished talking, he put everything into action so that some things were well on the way to being sorted by the time I arrived back in the UK the following Sunday evening.

It is so important to be insured. Even a low level of cover is better than nothing!

So I had a weep, it doesn't happen as often any more. I still miss Nigel every day, just not in a way that makes me quite so sad now. I'd love him to see how the girls are growing up more and more every day, but hey ho, such is life.

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Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

You took the words out of my mouth - it's a beautifully acted piece of theatre!