Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The journey continues...

Once again life is rushing along. It seems like a never ending treadmill again lately, I quite fancy jumping off sometimes, but alas that isn't an option! The photograph above is from the Women's conference at my church, Cherish, and it is a reminder to all women that they are beautiful, no matter what they are going through in their lives. I took my lovely friend Liz along on Monday evening, she is a friend through scouting, and it was great to bring her to my church for the first time. The conference has been fantastic, already it is as if the preaching is aimed directly at what is going on for me lately. I know it isn't, not personally, but it fits so well with the various things that have been happening.

In other news, I have a new job, in year 4 at a school not far from here. It is in a different education authority to Leeds, so it has been interesting adjusting to the differences. I would never have realised just how different things could be, but they are! I am enjoying being there very much. Last week we had a Diamond Jubilee themed week, and we did lots of different activities around the Queen's 60 years on the throne. My class, along with one of the year 5 classes, decorated almost 700 buns to sell to the rest of the school. It is the biggest school I have worked in yet, over 400 pupils, so the buns were all eagerly snapped up in no time at all.

I have also been spending more time with some fabulous friends I met through WAY (Widowed and Young). This is me with Christine, I went over to our mutual friend Thelma's for the weekend just gone, and as it was Christine's birthday on Friday I baked her this cake. It was delicious, and looks good, even though it was surprisingly simple to make. Next weekend we are off to Manchester to hear Coldplay. I love their music, so it will be great to hear them live. Their song, 'Fix You', always brings on an emotional reaction, here's hoping all the WAY members I am going with manage to get through it without falling apart completely.

This was what met me when I arrived at Thelma's, two bonkers ladies with flags in their hair!!

And finally, it is almost scarecrow festival time again here in the village. At beavers last week we made these two ready for our entry. Last year we won but I don't think we will again. Our scarecrows are always excellent, but it there are always so many great ones. The festival is on Sunday 24th June here in Gildersome, worth checking out if you are local.

Other than that, life is mostly good. Riding the rough with the smooth is part of it all, I think most people experience that! It is half term this week, Alex has gone to my brother's with my parents and Sophie has gone to Cornwall with her best friend. Alex is due back today, Sophie is away until the weekend. It is strange being alone in the house. Lovely getting some time to myself, and also quite eery at times. Today is about cleaning the house, doing boring things like laundry and all that!

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