Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bath time

So here we are in the beautiful city of Bath, staying with Joanne and Robin a few minutes' drive from the city centre. This afternoon we went into the centre, as the rain was siling down. We had planned to visit this farm but the rain really was too heavy. So on the way into Bath we passed Crockadoodledo, a pottery painting place. We had so much fun! The girls painted a plate each, Jo did a bowl, and I did a mug. Jo was under the impression that we would watch while the girls painted, but I soon told her otherwise. "But I'm not artistic," she cried.
"Rubbish," I said, and she proceeded to thoroughly enjoy herself. Jo is going to pick up the fired items in a week, can't wait to see them.

After the pottery painting, we headed to my favourite haunt, good old Starbucks, for coffee and munchies for the girls. Then it was time to hit the shops. I was looking for a dress, as I have an evening wedding reception to go to at the end of the month. Nigel's cousin's daughter is the bride to be, so I have an invite for the evening. With not a thing to wear, I spied this in Crew Colthing, and was delighted to find it fitted, and that it was 50% off in the sale! That's me sorted then.

The wine is open again, and we are having curry once the girls are in bed. Both of them are absolutely whacked, so it won't be long til it is bed time. Tomorrow we are going to try and get to the farm, weather permitting. If not, who knows where we will end up!

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