Monday, September 17, 2007

Missing Morgan

I was watching 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' today, where the family featured was the Nick family. They were chosen because Colleen, mum of the family, had established a foundation to search for lost children. Morgan, their daughter, was abducted when she was 6. She is now 18, and Colleen is still waiting to find her again. The website is here.

The pain I have felt since Nigel died is horrific, but in itself is nothing compared to the pain felt by Morgan's family. To not know where she is or if she is even still alive must be a living hell. I treasure my girls, even when they drive me to distraction! To be without them is something I do not want to imagine.

Colleen continues in her belief that Morgan will be found. She sums it up by saying,
"Love always hopes."

May Morgan return home soon.

To move away from Morgan's story, I am going in to hospital on Wednesday to have my tonsils removed. I've waited a long time to get to the top of the list, so wish me luck please!


Stig said...

Good Luck Anna. You'll be fine.

Gin said...

Hope all goes well and that you have someone to spoil you whilst you recover.

Claire said...

hope the tonsils are safely out by now! x