Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Been a few weeks since we were last in casualty...

so last night we spent 3 hours there!
Alex has a nasty chest infection, tonsilitis, and was refusing all medication, food and drink. She ended up mildly dehydrated with a temperature which kept spiking. The staff at the LGI were fantastic, one doctor even getting Alex to open her mouth to look at her tonsils TWICE. That is unheard of!
I am at home with Alex today as she did not want me to leave her side. She is still very poorly, so will stay at home tomorrow with my parents. Sadly it means that Alex and I won't be going to Lapland UK. Fortunately, Sophie can still go as my fab friend Sue, who we were going with, has said she will gladly take Sophie with her. Alex will be disappointed, as am I, such is life unfortunately. We will go to see Santa at the White Rose together instead, and I'll take her for lunch on Thursday if she is feeling well enough.
Other than Alex feeling poorly, my mood is still very bouyant, and I am planning on it staying that way!

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juliejules said...

Hi Anna, sorry to hear about Alex, Ross was off school today, had a really bad night with him, he has an ear infection. Hope Sophie still has a good time, and Alex isn't too upset! Julie x