Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pass it forward... want to play?

I saw the film Pass it Forward a few years ago, and the idea of PIF runs very effectively on UKScrappers. Some of my crafty buddies have started a crafty blog PIF, so I am going to join in.

I am going to send 3 people a handmade gift. It may be a set of cards, a card organiser, who knows. Leave me a comment and then check back to see if you were in the first 3. And you never know, I might even be kind enough to send more than three things out... The idea is that whoever is chosen then sends on 3 further gifts, so the gifts increase threefold each time.

Preparations are in full swing for Sophie's birthday. She is having 4 friends over to go to Build A Bear at the White Rose, too expensive to do much more! She has requested a Sylvanian Families hotel thing as her present, which is currently hiding in Mike and Mary's loft. It is HUGE! I have ordered her a High School Musical cake. I could, of course, put a piccie up on here and lie and say I made it... but cake making is way down my list of priorities just now!

I'm still going through paperwork of Nigel's, and shredding plenty. How much junk did he have? My green bin is full again, not sure when it is due to be collected.

So all in all, pretty boring for me. The cold is getting better, and I am glad to have finished the working week. Loads to do in the house, so tomorrow will be time to crack on and get sorted after being away at the weekend.

Remember, if you want to join in my Pass It Forward, leave me a comment...


ali said...

Hi anna
hope the party goes well. Abbie and I are huge fans of build a bear9 our bears are better dressed than we are) We have spent many a shop at the white rose when visiting my sister in dewsbury, you are so lucky to have such fab shops. ( we are from the isle of wight, say no more!)
Love the idea of pass it forward blog,
alison x

Diego said...

Hello Anna,

it was fantastic to see you get inspired to action by the movie "Pay it Forward" with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey. I must admit I believe you can't pay kindness forward, only pass it - and thus started a movement called "Pass It Forward" over a year ago.

I love your idea of giving a gift to 3 other people; why not encourage them to pass it forward? On my web site ( I have a copy of the card I use to do just that. Feel free to download it and print it - or if that is too much trouble, send me an email to with your address, and I will snail-mail you a bunch for free.

Good luck carrying Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) and creating some positive change in other people's lives!