Monday, December 03, 2007

Money money money

It seems that everyone wants money from me just now. I got a letter this morning from the council to say that I owed them £935 as they had over paid me. The letter also said I have to pay it back within 3 months. Er, like £300 a month, from where?
I am annoyed that their error is going to leave me short of cash, so I have spoken to my union about it. I can agree to pay back a lesser amount each month which will not leave me in financial difficulties.
My dishwasher packed in last week too, so it is at the repair man's waiting to see if it can be repaired. Knowing my luck it will be worthy of being skipped. So there's another expense, money for a new dishwasher. Yes it is a luxury so I will have to manage without one for now.
And then one other demand for money which I won't go into. Very unfair of the person involved given our past dealings. I can't face an arguement so will end up going along with it.

To say I am upset and annoyed is


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