Thursday, March 20, 2008

busy busy busy busy busy...

Get the idea? I am running around non stop just now. Being so ill last week really knocked me for six. So today my lovely beautician friend Becky is coming round to do some pampering treatments for Avril and I, and some other friends are popping in at various stages. Then tonight I pack. No doubt it will go on into tomorrow. Argh I hate packing!
So forgive me for my lack of blogging, no time!

Spare a thought please for my online buddy Sally, she is one amazing lady. Life is throwing many hurdles at her, yet still she keeps going. She is someone who I have admired very much in the past, and this admiration is even greater just now. I'm thinking of you Sally, and Dick and the boys too.

So see you when we get back. I will try and upload while we are away, so watch this space!


maryroberts said...

Hope you have a great holiday Anna, and look forward to any blogging you do whilst away! Love, Mary<><

Sally said...

Anna, thank you so much for your comment. We are beginning to raise our heads again after the last fortnight.

Just so pleased that you are having a great holiday. Much deserved and hope that the blahs of being poorly are right behind you now.

Speak soon!