Saturday, March 15, 2008

The joke's on me

I've been on the receiving end of lots of jokes this week because of the Scarlet Fever. Earlier in the week I was contagious, so kept away from everyone. From late Wednesday onwards I was not contagious any more, just very tired.
Having a little joke about my having the lurgy, even as far as calling me a leper in jest, I can take. Repetitive teasing has left me feeling very very upset today. Not just teasing on one occasion, sadly it has been on several occasions.
I wouldn't put others at risk if I were contagious. I spoke to the infectious diseases team about it, and was told when I would be ok to be out and about again. I gave it an extra 24 hours to be sure.
No point getting upset about where it came from. I have shared it with my friend's two year old, who I saw last Saturday. I was actually contagious before I knew I had scarlet fever.
It is easy to hurt someone's feelings by overdoing humour.


maryroberts said...

Shame on them, Anna. I'm sorry you had to bare their 'humour' that was so insensitive. It's not easy coping on your own with two young children at the best of times, let alone when you're not well AND have the concern about your Dad. I hope you feel much better before your holiday and I'll keep you in my prayers. X

anita said...

it is so difficult when you are a teacher. i always picked up every cold and flu bug going when parents thought it was ok to send their kids in to school still sniffling, then they complained when the teacher was off sick and a supply teacher in my place!
teasing is hurtful sometimes, and the sad thing is...some people don't even know they are doing it or that the joke has gone too far.
i'm glad you're feeling better and just try to brush the comments off (easier said than done i know!)

Jackie said...

hope you are feeling better. Some people can just be so insensitive!

Clair & Sharni said...

Just to let you know there is some blog candy up for grabs on our blog! xxx