Monday, May 05, 2008

A Good Day

It started well, Alex slept until 7.45, and on waking wanted to watch the end of ET. We started watching it last night, as Sophie was at her best friend's for a sleepover. Once ET was finished we had a quick breakfast and tidy round, before meeting Sophie at Starbuck's with Jennifer, Sarah and Oliver.

After coffee, and a quick mooch round Next to get the girls a summer weight body warmer each, we headed to Showcase Cinema to see Nim's Island.

We loved this film! We met some friends there, and Katie came in to watch the film while Debbie and Patrick headed to Ikea (Patrick is only 10 months so not yet old enough to appreciate the cinema!).

The story is all about an 11 year old girl called Nim. Her father Jack is an oceanographer, and together they live on a remote South Pacific island. Nim's mother had died some years before, having been swallowed by a whale. Jack was researching plankton, and this research took him away from the island for a couple of days, leaving Nim to wait for some turtle eggs to hatch.

The inevitable happens, and a storm means Jack can not get back to Nim in the intended time scale. So Nim ends up emailing her favourite author, Alex Rover, for help after Alex Rover write asking for advice about volcanoes.

To cut a long story short, there is a most happy ending! Definitely worth seeing, a little predictable for sure, but still enjoyable. The scenery is amazing, makes me wish I was on that island right now!

Once the film was finished, we came back here and the kids had a play. Patrick loved exploring our house, bless him! Debbie watched the girls for me while I nipped to the tip with the rubbish that wasn't collected last week because of the strike, plus a mattress we didn't need and was past it's best.

Nothing exciting about today but we enjoyed it. Relaxed fun all round! Here's to more days like that. Shame there was no crafting to be had, will save that for another day!

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