Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What to call this post

Not sure really as I am just checking in to say hello. I have taken shed loads of photographs lately, but unfortunately I can't share them. They're of the children I teach, and my school has a very strict photography policy. I have been taking class photos, and I am really pleased with how they are looking so far. I enjoy taking photos, and would love a new lens for my camera. Just can't decide which one I want first!

Alex is poorly again. She has a hacking cough, and her tonsils are all swollen again. I am going to have to push to go back to ENT again, I am not happy at all about how poorly she is with her throat. Sophie is doing fine. We spent the day at Chester Zoo yesterday, and Jenn, her best friend, came with us, along with her brothers and mum. We met Heather, Erin and Swyn there, and the weather held out perfectly for us. Nice and warm, not too hot or cold.

Other than that, not a lot going on. Just busy to the point of wanting to stop the world and get off! Managed to ignore the fact that it was Father's Day on Sunday. I did find our wedding cards whilst clearing out my wardrobe, so had a little sob to myself over those.

Ah well. Onwards and upwards!

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maryroberts said...

Just read your post today, 20th. I pray for the children's health and that all the tears from memories precipitated from the wedding cards will have a healing effect in your grieving process. God Bless, Mary<><