Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It would seem I have been MIA lately, apologies for that. I just seem to have been so busy! Walking to and from school each day in the snow took up massive amounts of time, as the paths quickly turned into ice lined death traps! On Wednesday I was on my way to collect Sophie from Brownies when I came across my neighbour, CLaire, who had slipped on the ice on the next road from ours, and landed squarely on her bum. I'm not sure which was bruised more, that or her pride!

I have a card to share, sorry about the picture quality, note to self, recharge EOS batteries so that I can take decent pics. So I took a pic with my iphone, but it just isn't the same. The card I have to share today is a Valentine's card, I made it last night and left it to dry overnight. The image is a rather lovely hanglar, and the sentiment is a rub on from a Scrapagogo kit a few months ago. Not sure of the make, as I only had a bit of the sheet left. I made the card to send to someone special... without giving too much away my life is certainly picking up nicely, I am very happy with how things are progressing, and he is very sympathetic when it comes to my widowed status. I am liking it all very much, strange after being alone. Not alone for the entire time since Nigel died, but nothing worth really remembering until now.

So there you go, like after widowhood can be happy, it has it's good days and bad days, and I am enjoying life being full of happiness just now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

oo ETA: candy over on Belinda's blog, it is very lovely, go and have a looksie!


Belinda said...

Hi Anna, Thanks for your visit and you are definately in the hat so good luck! I am so pleased that you sent that beautiful valentines card to someone special to you, if anyone deserves some happiness then it's you.
Love Belinda x

jules said...

There is life after becoming a widow, be happy
love the card

jules x

Sarah B said...

Love the Card, God bless, Sarah B X

Mumof3 said...

Hi Anna, came across your blog in a magazine and just thought I'd pop by and say hello. Have started a blog here too, life has been up and down, have been through a lot, but never what you have. I'm glad you are doing your best to be positive, it gives other inspiration. I'm rambling now!! I know what I want to say but always end up round the houses!
Regards, Claire