Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snowed in

I know not everywhere in the country has been blessed with the snow like we have, but it has been very deep here. My back garden is still under a foot of snow, and it is snowing again today!

This is how my drive is looking after I cleared it on Tuesday night after work, aided by my very lovely neighbour Mary. The snow here is still falling, and is not looking like it will clear in the next couple of days at least, a proper winter at last.
The girls have loved the snow, getting to and from school has been a military operation so I have had plenty of exercise this week. My childminder lives down a very steep hill, so I have had to park at the top and walk down to drop the girls off on the days I am at work.

To end with, here's a special canvas I finished last week,. It was for Kate to give her friend Josie, who has moved from Leeds back to Scotland. Kate was at preschool with Sophie, and they enjoy playing together when they meet up, in fact I must arrange to meet up with Kate, her mum Deb and big sis Ellie sometime soon.

oh, and watch out for the March edition of Essentials Magazine. It is out now in the shops... have a look on p.32!


jules said...

page 32 is how I found you, reading your article through teary eyes. Every emotion you have written about I have felt as I too found myself a young widow with 2 young girls to care for. I will drop by now I have found you and hope you drop by my blog and website too.
take care
jules x

Belinda said...

Hi Anna, Bumped into you on ILWS asking about you selling something, that led me to click the link to your blog - I have been reading for the last 24hrs (when I could) Can i just say I admire you so much, your positivity in such difficult circumstances is inspirational. Your daughters are learning such a lot from your courage and you truly are keeping Nigel close to all three of you by recognising and acknowledging him in your lives on a daily basis. I have been so moved by how you have opened your heart here, I am sure that this not only helps you with your loss but that you are helping others in similar circumstances. Huge respect to you and hugs too! Love Belinda x

Lynne said...

Read your article in the mag and felt what a couragous person you are! Didn't then realise I'd clicked on your blog linnk from FSUK.
Well done!

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

I hope you don't mind but I have chosen you to give a blog award to. It's on my blog (not a very good blog I'm afraid) but I like visitng your blog and as the award is about attitude/gratitude I thought of you of course and your general view to life and especially about your car troubles-girl power!!!