Monday, March 09, 2009

So the surgery did it's job

Alex's surgery back in January has been completely effective! We went back to see her consultant, Mr Knight, today, and she had a hearing test too. Last time she had her hearing tested, it was way down, but today it was back up to within normal levels. I was so relieved, after the last test I nearly cried, her hearing was so bad. Removing her adenoids has helped too, and she is no longer snoring and waking as often at night. Now it is just a waiting game to see how long this set of grommets lasts, and once they have fallen out, will the glue ear return? No-one can predict whether it will or not, I had hoped it wouldn't after the first set, but obviously it did. It isn't worth worrying about this now, I am just hoping and praying that the glue ear doesn't return.

This is a picture I took once Alex was back on the ward after her op. The blood on her pyjama top shows she did have a bit of a heavy bleed whilst in theatre. By this stage, Alex had eaten loads, and was happily playing with the Littlest Pet Shop set which was on the ward. Amazing how quickly children bounce back, Alex was fully recovered from the surgery within a week.

Other than the hospital visit this morning, today has been mostly mundane. Housework, nothing exciting really. Getting back into my usual routine has been good, working a full week last night knocked me for six! Work tomorrow and Wednesday, then I suppose I had better start on preparations for our big trip to Bermuda in 3 and a half weeks from now (hooray!). Need to dig out various bits and pieces to take with us. Plus summer clothes, it will be pleasantly warm when we get there. Got to be better than the arctic temperatures which seem to have reinstated themselves here today. Trogging up the hill to school this morning was no fun when met with icy blasts. So much for spring weather!

Enough for now, time to sleep.

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Rhona said...

A trip to Bermuda sounds bliss - warm sunshine! What a tonic!! I could certainly do with some warm sunshine