Thursday, January 21, 2010

My special quilt

If you've been reading my blog since the early days back in 2006, you may remember the beautiful quilt which was made for me by my online friends from around the world. I had put it on the spare bed, but when I was in the spare room the other day, putting Christmas decorations away, I decided it was time to put it back on my bed. It has been so cold over the last few weeks, and sleeping alone can get very chilly sometimes!

I have been so warm since I put the quilt back on my bed, plus I have loved looking back at all the squares, remembering the people who made the squares. Some of them have moved on from the forums I was on then, in fact so have I from some of them, but it was very reassuring to see the squares made by people I am still friends with. I am blessed to have a great deal of very good friends, both online in various communities, and also in real life. They have been there for me, through thick and thin, keeping me going, reminding me that I'm doing a great job even when it seems like my life is one constant battle. Life as a lone parent does often feel like I am wading through mud up to my waist, but I know we will get there eventually. It might not be via the usual route, or even the route I planned when the girls were born, but we will get there in the end!

I'm off to get cosy under my quilt, so night all!


HS said...

Still keeping an eye on you through life's ups and downs. Glad to see the quilt is still enjoyed. I always thought my pitiful effort might have got left on the cutting room floor so it's lovely to see that it actually got included. Hope you are enjoying supply.. off to do planning and marking now..

Toodle said...

I can see my square too - right under your chin.