Sunday, February 28, 2010

Game Over, or was it?

I spent all of yesterday in Coventry at the Scrapagogo event, GoGo Game Over. It was a fabulous day, and I made some brilliant projects. I will photograph them tomorrow hopefully, when there just might be enough light to do it!

I've not blogged in a while, so time to play catch up!

Over the half term holiday, we had a fun filled week in Llangollen with my friend Heather and her two girls. Alex and Erin are the same age, so entertained each other (I use the term loosely at various points, you know how kids fall out with each other at times!) while Sophie loved spending time with Swyn. At two years old, she is even more strong willed than Alex was at that age, and that takes some doing!

I did have a hairy evening, when Alex had an allergic reaction to something, and so we had to dash all the way to the nearest out of hours service, which was a 50 minute drive away. A bottle of piriton later and we were headed home again. It took a good ten days for the rash to subside, no idea what caused it though.

The rest of the week was spent going for a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine, painting pottery, finding more geocaches and going swimming. All good fun, and enjoyed by all!

Back to reality this last week tho, busy in lots of ways. I will definitely share some of my crafty projects soon. I have also booked flights for us to go to the USA in July for a special summer camp for the girls, they are so excited already, and I am enjoying planning which geocaches I am going to do during my week without them! I want to stay fairly local to the camp so that I am reachable if they need me, but as there are over a thousand caches in the area I think I will be able to find plenty to do!

Enough for tonight, another busy day tomorrow, in fact a busy week again! Have a great week wherever you are and thanks for reading.

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