Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A big long gap again...

Apologies everyone for not posting! Life has been hectic, mad, fun, a bit sad sometimes, and full of new challenges. We are currently in the USA, the girls are at summer camp and I am on a bit of a road trip with some friends. Tomorrow I am heading to Amish Country, and I am staying in a beautiful traditional lodge, so that should be fantastically relaxing.

On Thursday, 29th July, it would have been my tenth wedding anniversary. It will be a day tinged with sadness, wondering how life would have been if things hadn't changed that day, and also one to remember all the fantastic things we celebrated together that day in 2000.

So please, raise a glass to Nigel and to me, still here, still battling on (lol) and remember that day with a smile, not tears.

I will post all about our trip next week once we are home!

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