Monday, May 10, 2010

Kayaking time!

I wasn't sure how the girls would feel about being out on the water for the first time in a kayak on their own, but they did fantastically well! One of the ladies from the canoe club was very impressed with how Alex did as she was 2 years younger than the cubs. Sophie looks like a seasoned pro in the photo above!!

It was a fantastic afternoon, the girls loved it. Sophie was even brave enough at the end of the session to get out of her kayak when it was in a row of all the kayaks, and crawl across the kayaks and back round to her own boat! Her friend Bonnie did it too, in fact the girls were braver than most of the boys! They got a bit cold towards the end, so were very glad of a hot cup of tea when they came off the water.

The girls will be canoeing in the US this summer so this was a great starting point. Sophie has done so many wonderful activities since she joined cubs, and did some great stuff with Beavers. It was a shame she had such a bad experience with Brownies, as I know there are loads of great Brownie packs out there, just not the one Sophie joined! I remember my brother doing much more exciting activities with his cub pack when I was a Brownie, so I was quite envious of what he got up to. I can definitely recommend cubs for girls if you can join a pack which is as good as 4th Morley (Gildersome)!

More crafting tomorrow when I am planning on launching various Stampin Up promos, so watch this space! If you do want to order anything Stampin Up then drop me an email

Until then, have a great day wherever you are!


Miss behaving said...

Hi Anna,
Wasn't sure where to put this so just leaping in.
Thanks so much to your girls for the super postacrd, we LOVE it, very artistic and so friendly and warm.
many thanks.
PS. made me laugh.... I'm from harrogate! Stay in touch?
I tried commenting earlier but it doesn't seem to aloow links to blogs?

mel said...

hi, we received your postcard with much joy and excitement and draged out the world globe to find out exactly where the card came from.
Our favourite author is mem fox and the book Possum Magic. We have a zoo of animals at our house we have two dogs Max and Molly, two rats Roxy and Missy, two fish called fish, one cat Rex and a bird who is a rainbow lorriket ( a native australian bird who is very colourful) called Marley.
thanks and take care
Cooper, Rikki and Josh from
Dapto Australia

Deb said...

Hi, Anna.
Thank you so much for the postcard. So cute and creative! We love Fantastic Mr. Fox as well -- both the book and the new(ish) movie. My daughter is four, very princess-y, and was very excited when I explained that you guys live in England, where there are lots of castles. She asked to go to your house this weekend!

Anyway, great blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few posts the last few days.

Take care!
Deb and Simone

Candace said...

Totally agree with Cubs doing more than Brownies. They go camping much earlier - girls don't sleep under canvas until they are guides. Don't understand why?

I was going to enroll my Daughter in the Guide movement but when I put her down for the Rainbows, waiting list was so long she would have been too old by the time there was a place, so I sent her to Beavers with her older Brother. Best thing I ever did, she has come on so far - even if she is the only Girl! There are other Girls but none in Beavers or Cubs - 4 Scouts.

Seem to have far more adventures and fun. They don't seem to wrap them up, they let them go out and discover themselves.