Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blimey three posts in one day...

Thinking about how I have been feeling about negative things in my life, I decided to have a good ole think about positive influences in my life. Things I have planned, people I value, so many things to feel good about.
This song means a great deal to me. Today has been difficult, but still I have managed to fit in some good stuff too. One child said to me, in the middle of a numeracy lesson this morning, "I like you, your lessons are always really good fun but we learn lots too."
I'd forgotten what that child had said, choosing instead to focus on the negative things. So here I am, thinking over the day and remembering how one comment can bring a smile to my face so easily.


Sally said...

Anna I'm sorry you are feeling a bit down but well done on focusing on the positives. It is the only way through it all.

If Big Picture Scrapbooking run another of their courses called "Choosing Joy", then I recommend it wholeheartedly. It really lifted me when I was down.

Good luck with LL

Sue Nicholson said...

This is such a powerful song!

We all get these days when it's hard to focusses on the positives. You know sometimes we "need" to feel down so we can fully appreciate all the wonderful days when we feel "up".

Hoping you are doing well now.

Don't be too hard on yourself . . . Superwoman is a fictional character . . . I know that sometimes looks like everyone else is being her except you :-) We are just fooling ya!!!

Sue :-)