Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greetings from Anglesey!

Alex and I have come down to Anglesey for my friend Heather's youngest daughter's christening. Sophie is back in Leeds, staying with her best friend for the weekend. It was J's birthday so Sophie didn't want to miss it.
Met up with some of my UKScrappers team mates at lunchtime for a bite to eat in a nearby pub.

The last few days I have been working on getting by without imploding. Work is always busy and loaded with stress for everyone at this time of year, so on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I am working, I get home in the evenings ready to go straight to bed. And that's even though I have very little responsibility compared to other teachers at work. I do enjoy my work, and have some plans to use my crafting skills in an after school club from September onwards. I am also going to work on getting my violin pupils ready for grade one. They both have bags of talent, so my job is to get them to practice more effectively and pass the exam with a well deserved grade.

I am also trying to get various things in the house sorted. I have sorted through the various bits and pieces of Nigel's that I had left in our wardrobe. I gave certain items to the British Heart Foundation shop in Morley, amd boxed up his favourite clothes to share with the girls when they are older. In the limited loft space we have after converting the loft, I have a box full of Nigel's favourite Leeds United shirts, all bar one. His absolute favourite, a long sleeved shirt from the season we made it into the Champion's League, he wore on his final journey. Along with his favourite carpenter style jeans he was well dressed.

I am also trying to get storage finally sorted in some areas of the house. Clutter is all consuming at times, and I am working very hard to overcome this!! I know what I want from Ikea, but every time I go to get it, it is out of stock! Arrrrrrrrrghhhh! I have asked my friend Sue to help me put some shelves up for my favourite books in my bedroom, plus I need to paint my room to smarten it up after having new wardrobes fitted.

All in all, life is manic but very mundane. I keep plodding on, trying to keep my head above water as the second anniversary of Nigel's death approaches. Plus what would have been our 8th wedding anniversary. I need to go and look up what gift marks that so I can arrange something for Nigel's headstone.

Nos dawch (Good night for the non welsh speakers amongst us !)

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