Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Do you deserve a ducking?

Today we went across to St George's, which used to be the capital of Bermuda, until Hamilton took over that role in 1815. Every Wednesday and Saturday, there is a ducking for the tourists. The town crier brings out a woman who has been convicted of being a gossip and a nag. She is then seated in the ducking chair, and 5 men from the audience of tourists help to duck her in the harbour. It all makes for a very amusing show! The town crier then kindly posed with the girls and Jan's son Patrick, along with Bear .
After a bite to eat, we headed back to Jan's, and the girls have been playing outside this afternoon. Sophie came a bit of a cropper yesterday whilst running around on the road, and has a pretty impressive scrape all up her left side, so she has been taking a less active role today. Having removed the dressing on her wound to much screeching, I am sure she will be fit enough for our special trip out tomorrow.
I have booked all three of us in to swim with dolphins tomorrow at Dolphin Quest .
It is something we have all wanted to do for ages, and I have saved carefully to be able to do it. Not cheap, I know, but it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. We watched some friends swim with dolphins when we were in Portugal last year, and the girls have wanted to do it since then. Hopefully there will be lots of photographs to share tomorrow!
I've just realised my blog has had almost 100000 hits since I started it back in August 2006. Once I am back in the UK next week, I will be offering some special blog candy to celebrate, so watch this space!

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