Friday, April 03, 2009

We made it through the Bermuda Triangle!

The view from Jan's house... not bad eh! We arrived in Bermuda yesterday, after a very long day which started at 4am. Our first flight took us down to Gatwick, and then we spent most of Alex's 5th birthday hanging around the airport. The flight to Hamilton took 7 hours, and Jan was there waiting for us when we got through immigration. Since arriving, and handing over copious amounts of Galaxy chocolate to Jan's teenage daughter, we have slept a little, I've drunk plenty of rum, and the girls have been in Jan's swimming pool.

Here's a happy Sophie, even though the water was freezing!

We have a special guest with us in Bermuda, this is Bear and he is raising money for a very special little girl who needs her own multi sensory room. He has travelled over 50000 miles, and fundraising is going well. If you'd like to help Katie, go to Bear's site here.

Alex has to wear an ear band-it to protect her ears from the pool water. She has wax ear plugs under the band to stop the water from getting in. Still can't believe my baby turned five yesterday!

The girls are very taken with this inflatable pool monster!
Well that's all for now. Tonight I am going into Hamilton with Jan and her husband Lyndon for a night out with other expats. The girls are staying here with Jan's daughter, so it will be great to get out and see more of Bermuda. We drove through Hamilton this afternoon, and Jan pointed out her favourite haunts. Tomorrow we are going out and about again, not sure where to yet. Fingers crossed the weather is ok, rain was forecast for today but it never arrived. It was as warm as a good day in summer in the UK, so very pleasant really.
Now to get ready to go out, so bye for now!

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Rhona said...

Sounds wonderful, have a fantastic time in Bermuda