Monday, April 06, 2009

Overcrowded beaches of Bermuda...

Random arty shots of the sea :D

As you can see, the beach was rammed full of people today... apparently the Bermudians don't go to the beach until May because it is too cold!! It certainly wasn't too cold for us though, we had a wonderful day at Tobacco Bay beach, with a picnic on the sand at lunchtime. We then went to Convict's Bay beach to do some beachcombing, which the girls loved doing. Jan found a glass stopper which was beautifully smooth from the sea. Sophie was delighted to find acrab shell.

This park was next to Convict's Bay beach, Alex was very excited to see her name on the sign!
Other than that, we are continuing to have a fabulous time. The weather was gorgeous today, here's hoping it continues while we are here!

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