Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Candy Winners!

To make it fair I used www.random.org to choose the numbers of the winning comments.

1st prize of the candy pictured goes to my friend Jules, laughable really but she was comment number 32 so she wins! Jules is going to give her prize to a mutual friend of ours who loves to craft but is very new to the crafting world, and doesn't have much stash yet. Jules asked if I minded, and I said it was absolutely fine!

2nd prize of some images and ribbon and something else which I haven't decided on yet goes to pigglet who was comment number 1, the second number generated by random.org.

And 3rd prize, even though I didn't quite get to 50 but I almost did, goes to Agus.

Ladies, please get in touch and I will pop your prizes in the post! Email me on annajahead (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk taking out the spaces etc!

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Life is hectic, still getting sorted after a week in Portugal over half term. Brought up some interesting questions and decisions were made. I'll post more about them later in the week, had a very busy day at work today and so I'm off to bed.


Carole RB said...

Congrats Ladies

Agus :) said...

Hi anne! im already send you an email with my adress, please tell me when you send it so I can have an idea when I have to receive it.
Thanks so much!