Monday, June 15, 2009

A new obsession has arrived

Hmm Blogger has uploaded my pics in a funny order, so now I have to rejig what I want to say! This is Sophie and her best friend Jennifer. They have been friends since they were 4, meeting at gymnastics class and then ending up in the same class at school. In a few short weeks, Jennifer and her family are moving down to Buckinghamshire because her daddy is working out of London most of the time. Jennifer's mum Sarah is one of my closest friends.

To say we will miss them is an understatement. I understand completely their reasons for moving, family life is so important, and it was getting harder and harder with work being in London. I do wish they were staying here, but that's just me being selfish because I don't want to lose a good friend on my doorstep, and also for Sophie to lose her best friend. Sarah has been a complete rock since Nigel died, there are lots of other people who have been amazing too, I am truly blessed. Life moves on, and in this case it is moving on in a way which I am not looking forward to. Of course, I wish Sarah and co every happiness in their new home and life in deepest, darkest Bucks, but I know I will feel immense sadness when they leave. I know we will keep in touch, telephone and other such modern contraptions. Will still miss them tho!

The new obsession which has hit us is geocaching. It is, to cut a long story short, treasure hunting with gadgets! You use a GPS to find a specific spot somewhere, and in that place someone has hidden a cache. Kind of tricky to explain, but it is great fun to do! It means you have to get outside and enjoy the countryside, so since Friday the girls and I have done lots of walking. As yet, Alex has only done one cache, but that is down to her being tired and needing to get an early night on Saturday. She came with Sophie and I today to find Gomersal Treasure, and was delighted to bring home a bangle we swapped for a trackable geogem. Sophie did me proud on Saturday when she walked almost 4 miles in search of 3 different caches. She only moaned at the end, honest....!
A rare shot of all 3 of us, taken by me holding the camera at arm's length whilst stood in the middle of a rhubarb field in Gomersal. Did you know we live in the Rhubarb triangle? No, neither did I until recently!

And finally, a picture of the girls with the cache and the find, in this case a bangle that Alex is clutching. Now to plan which cache to try and find on Friday with my friend Rebecca who is even more obsessed than us!


Anonymous said...

Hi anna I have been following you blog for sometime. We to are geocachers. We have been caching about 3 years now and have found about 350. Thats not many compared to the really obsessed. its great as it gives you a reason to go out for a walk and you discover places right on your doorstep. Our caching name is genieus.
Enjoy your new hobby. Stephanie

jay670120 said...

myself and my family are Geocachers too and i love to craft ! I help run.... a craft blog that other crafters post , enter competitions and generally get inspired.