Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cardiology review

Last week I took the girls back to cardiology for their annual review. They both had an ECG done, and also an echo scan of the heart. The ECGs revealed that both girls have markers which could be indicative of heart disease in years to come. So more tests to come, including another 24 hour mobile ECG in a month's time. I am glad that we are aware of this problem, but still the news has left me feeling sad and worried about the future. I want my girls to live life to the full, do everything they can with their lives, not live in fear of what might happen with their hearts in years to come, so I am going to do my absolute best to keep them healthy. Scary prospect, it is an enormous task, so wish me well please.


Nunt said...

My best friends brother was born with a faulty flap (um, yeah, sorry for the very non-medical term, cannot remember what it is called for "real") in his heart, but he has lived a great life, turning 29 next year. Of course he's had some hospital stays and has not been able to do what fully healthy guys do, like military service, but instead he has been very active in the local theater group.

My point being - mother's worry aside, things can turn out just fine ^_^


SarahPitts said...

I'm sure you will do a fine job keeping them healthy both on the inside and out.
You have the advantage of knowing now so that you can do all you can to prevent as much as you can.

Mitchy said...

Hello there, I have never commented on your blog before, but the cardiology comment caught my eye.

My children are also constantly assessed as my hubby has cardiomyopathy - is this what your husband had?

My son was showing some early signs, but has been entirely stable for well over a year now, and is currently away on a scout trip to africa, so it's not holding him back.

Good luck with it all.


jay670120 said...

You sound a fabby mum x I'm sure they will be fine and don't forget in years to come there will be lots of new medical stuff to help them etc