Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Clean bill of health

Having slept from 4.45pm yesterday on and off, I felt much better today, but still hugely tired. I went to see my GP this morning, and was given a clean bill of health. I had some blood taken, and she reassured me that the Lighterlife diet had nothing to do with the faint. She said it is so well balanced nutritionally that I am better off than most people who eat normal food. She also said that I should continue with the diet to get to a healthy weight, as being overweight does carry so many health risks.
So I went and had a chat with my LL counsellor, and it was great to talk things through. As I missed my last weigh in because I was in London, I jumped on the scales for an informal weigh in, and I have now lost 5 stone 4 pounds!!! That leaves me within grasping distance of my target weight, which is just fantastic!
No work again tomorrow to help me feel better, plus I have an ENT appointment at the LGI. Might just have to fit in some retail therapy as so many of my clothes don't fit....

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Ellie said...

oh anna now im worried about you :( i hope your ok take it easy hun thinking of you :wub: