Sunday, May 13, 2007

Toddler Tamer Required

Apply in writing asap to....

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This is my youngest daughter, Alexandra, known as Alex. Blimey she is hard work. Enough to drive you to distraction. She was hard work when there were two of us dealing with her, but now that it is just me from Monday to Friday it verges on horrific. This evening she spurned the meal I had cooked for her, and then went to rummage in the fridge for what she fancied. Then at bath time she decided she wanted to wear my bathrobe and not her own. What followed was a prolonged period of screaming, whilst I held her tight and dried her, put pyjamas on and put her to bed. The screaming continued, but fortunately she was tired and so fell asleep about 20 minutes later.
Alex's behaviour is testing. It sends me towards the edge at times as I wonder how on earth I will handle it alone.
So as a result, tonight I feel very, very alone. Faced with bringing up my two girls, Sophie is a breeze but Alex is certainly pushing all the wrong buttons. My life is too much of a rollercoaster ride for me to handle. But of course I will get on with it. Accept it. Deal with it. Even when I don't really want to.


Hilary said...

Hang on in there Anna. As awkward and challenging as she is, she is beautiful and funny and precious. Being firm and consistent now will pay off in the future. It must be so hard on your own, but keep going!
Failing that can Anthea put you in touch with Supernanny?

StarGazer said...
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StarGazer said...

Hun, all of us go through this at some point with our kids - be it when they're 2 or 22. I know it is much harder to deal with it alone but it IS normal & you WILL get through it. When you come out the other side you are gonna feel sooo proud of yourself & Alex. In the meantime(((hugs))) xxx