Thursday, May 03, 2007

Farewell Happy Mood

Yep, it's gone. Out the door quicker than Jack Flash. And all because there are people out there who think they can treat you badly. I am not even bothered about the reason for the nastiness, just astounded at how people can be so SPINELESS!
I had an experience on a similar line last year, when someone was hugely nasty to me over something very small. Ended up with lots of nasty rumours being circulated about me which were most definitely not true. But then after Nigel died, into my email inbox popped a message saying how sorry they were and how much they missed our friendship.
So sorry that they never got in touch again. Like, er, whatever. I don't have time in my life for shallow, spineless people. If people make the effort for me, I will return the effort. Gone are the days when I do the running after friends. They are not true friends if they will leave me in the lurch, are they?
Oh well, back to the drawing board, no skin off my nose, so to speak.


StarGazer said...

Glad to hear you are well again, make sure you get enough rest to continue to improve.

So sorry to hear that you are down...there is only so much "you" to give & you are quite right to only "give" to those who deserve it.

Psychodiva said...

hope you are feeling better - and sorry you are having to put up with some crap from someone :( (((HUGS)))