Monday, November 10, 2008

A day at the hospital

Well, several hours to be precise.
Alex was screaming in agony last night. Looks like the glue ear is back with a vengeance. I barely slept all night, and kept Alex off school today. I rang ENT in desperation, and managed to arrange an appointment this afternoon.
The policy on fitting grommets in Leeds appears to have changed, so despite the fact that grommets helped when Alex had them fitted in 2006, she will have to jump through hoops to get another set done. And in the meantime I get no sleep and get closer and closer to the edge. I am tempted to video Alex when she is screaming in agony,and play it to the silly SHO who suggested that I just grin and bear it, offering calpol and nurofen to help with the pain. Grrr.. I have 2 children and know how to manage pain in children, alas the pain meds available did nothing to help Alex last night. SHO strangling session anyone?


Anonymous said...

aww hun. i hope she gets some relief soon. sometimes you wish these silly doctors could spend a nite in agony themselves and see if they like being prescibed paracetamol and no cure.

George said...

Have you tried Otovent? It is a clinically proven non surgical treatment for Glue Ear. It is a surgical balloon that the child blows up through their nose and then alows to deflate. It can be a bit painful at first (but that means it's working). It is effective for 50% of kids. You can get it on precription or over the counter at the chemist.

Clare said...

Oh Anna I can sympathise totally with you and you little un.
My youngest suffers badly with ear infections (has had four this year) and the last one put him in hospital.
Since the last one he has had some osteopathy which (touchwood) has worked.
These docs sometimes don't know what it is like to have to deal with their own child screaming in pain and you are helpless to do anything. If they did know perhaps they would be a little more helpful.