Monday, November 03, 2008

The Wedding

Finally I get round to sharing a couple of photographs from Trudie and Mark's wedding. Note to self, must get them printed and give them to Trudie! That has to be the worst part of having a digital camera, actually remembering to get them printed. I got lots of compliments for the invitations and associated stationery which was lovely. I enjoyed being child free that day!
The wedding was held at the Otley Chevin Lodge country house hotel, which was a beautiful setting. All the rooms are in log cabins, and the main hotel overlooks a lake. The food was good, I could be tempted to go back for a nice meal in the main restaurant.
Nothing else to report, other than my heating was broken and is now fixed, and I have lovely new Roman blinds in 3 bedroom windows. I could lie and say I made them myself but alas, I did not!

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Anonymous said...

hiya anna. hows r u? and the girls? the otley chevin is gorgeous isnt it - my sis had her wedding reception there and those log cabins are so cute! if you did the stationary for it, you'll have to give me some tips as i'm doing my best friends shortly and it will be my first time as making them for large numbers
am x