Monday, November 17, 2008

Good news from bad news

Unfortunately Alex's glue ear is definitely back. Her hearing is considerably diminished because of this, so the consultant we saw today (a different once from last week thank goodness) approved Alex's grommet surgery. She may also be having her adenoids removed, they are planning on having a look at them once she is under the anaesthetic. I was ready for another horrendous appointment like last week, so it was a massive relief for the appointment to go so smoothly!
However, my car decided to pack in on the way back, it is now in the garage and I have a hire car until it is fixed. If I'm lucky, it will come back valeted which would be a real bonus, and save me a job too.
Feeling better mood wise for having got Alex's op sorted. Now I hope she gets to the top of the list sooner rather than later. Unless there is a fairy godmother out there to magically produce the money for her to have it done at Bupa! Anyone offering? LOL.

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