Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day 2: Winter Weather

I don't think there could have been a more fitting prompt for today's page in JYC. I woke this morning to discover that snow had fallen overnight, and it had settled! I had to clear the windscreen before we could leave, as the snow had frozen into ice on the bottom layer. The journey to work was a little hairy, as there was black ice a plenty on the roads.
My journalling talks about how I would love to have a true white christmas, having only experienced one, whilst skiing in Bulgaria in 2000. I have vivid memories of snowy days as a child, including my gorgeous brown snow suit which I inherited from my brother!
Pics to follow, once I have uploaded them from my camera onto here!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for a white Christmas too!

Anonymous said...

i'd love a white christmas too - i cant remember EVER having one!