Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wow a week has passed already!

A week since my last blogpost. Busy as ever, fitted so much in this week my head aches just thinking about it! Not much crafting has been done, which is no surprise!

Today, the girls and I took part in a photoshoot for Essentials magazine. We will be appearing in the March edition, which due to the delights of the publishing world, goes on sale in February. Lots of photographs were taken, and this time I will be getting them all to keep on a CD. We enjoyed taking the photos most of the time... Alex was not impressed with one of the tops she was supposed to be wearing, so following negotations she wore the one sent for Sophie which was too small.

Whilst talking to the journalist who has compiled the article from this blog, the conversation turned to what the future holds. Did I see myself having a relationship with another man? I have room in my life for someone else, yes, just haven't met him yet! Whoever it is will have to realise that Nigel still is and always will be a big part of our lives. The girls talk about him in some way every day, even if it is just in passing.

Being ready for someone else in my life doesn't change how much I miss Nigel. I know I will love him forever. Not a day doesn't go by when I don't think about him. Christmas time is more poignant without him. Just to ask his opinion on things for the girls would be great. I suppose wanting his input will be something I will always miss. I know he would have boiled over with pride last week when the girls were in their school plays.

Anyway, I have presents to wrap tonight... wish me luck, I may be some time!

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Marcia Francois said...

Anna, I have no idea what that bag thing is called. Sorry...

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy wrapping all those gifts :)