Saturday, December 13, 2008

In pursuit of happiness

As I've said recently, life is pretty hectic at the moment. However, hectic this year has brought me massive happiness as I have thoroughly enjoyed this week. First came the performances of Scrooge by year 5/6 at the school I teach at. I played the piano for the songs the children sang, and the script was written by my very talented colleague Debs. I really enjoyed being a part of it this year. I mean, I have enjoyed previous years, but for some reason this year was my favourite Christmas production to date. The children worked hard to achieve the fantastic end result, and I was very glad to be part of it.

Then today was the first performance of Scrooge at our church, Abundant Life in Bradford. Sophie and I arrived at church at 9am this morning, after having been at rehearsals until 11pm twice this week. We were raring to go, and after a run through before lunch, the cast were buzzing in anticipation for the first performance at 2pm. Wow, it was so much fun to be on stage! Sophie loved being Harriet Cratchitt, and I found being a party guest to be an absolute delight! Admittedly I did have to wear a frock made from curtain fabric, but I definitely looked the part.

Both Sophie and I are absolutely whacked, we will sleep well tonight that's for sure! Tomorrow we will perform Scrooge again, at 6pm, to a full house I believe. Back in September, when I auditioned for Scrooge, I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone to go along and sing and act in front of a panel of people who I didn't know. Now I am very glad to have done it, and will hopefully be involved in future productions at ALC.

Being involved in Scrooge has also helped me get to know more people at ALC. The girls and I have been welcomed whole heartedly into the church, invited along to all sorts of events, and included in working as part of the team in a very positive way. I ummed and ahed for an absolute age about switching churches, and am now certain it was the right thing for us as a family. Amazing how trying something new can have such a positive effect on my life.

These last few months have been busy, enjoyable, and full of new experiences. The end result has been a feeling of happiness, unlike anything I have experienced in a long while. So long may this feeling continue!


Hullabaloo said...

Sounds like great fun Anna!
Definitely somehting I would never be able to do, I'm more of a backstage helper myself! It's always nice to feel part of a community and I am so glad it's helping you.
Just wanted to say thank you again for the Santa link. Max has watched it loads of times and has showed it to all of his friends. Thay had emailed Santa from school so he is delighted Santa emailed back! Absolutely magical reaction - Thank you for sharing it!!

Musicman said...

You were great at Scrooge!!!!