Monday, September 25, 2006

So many visitors

So many people have come to see Nigel's montage. Thank you for watching it, and I am sorry if it upset you.
Nigel was a wonderful man, and I miss him so very much. I wish we had had longer together, but it wasn't to be. I have many fond memories of our six years as Mr and Mrs Head. And of course I have the lovely girls to remind me of him each and every day. Where would I be without them?

I posted on mumsnet
asking where people were ten years ago. Lots of great answers, so if you have a blog, why not write about where you were.

Ten years ago I lived in Enschede, a small town in the east of the Netherlands. I was there for a year as part of my music degree at Leeds University. I lived in Macandra, a huge student flat block, and I had an absolute ball. I celebrated my 21st birthday within days of arriving, and boy did we celebrate in style!

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