Thursday, February 22, 2007


It seems that an Egyptian blogger has been jailed for expressing their own opinion. Hmm. Somehow I doubt I will end up in the same boat, nothing I say is interesting enough!
Anyway, I've been to Lighterlife this evening, and my total loss is now 34 lb yippee!!!! Feeling fantastic about that. I also had some help with the girls this evening which was better.
Now mum and dad are here, so I am going to be able to have some me time over the weekend. Time to get tidying that scraproom!


StarGazer said...

Huge congrats on the weight loss. I'm so sorry that you're having a tough time right now & that the offers of help have dried up. I don't "know" you (UKS is great like that, right?!) but I think of you often & pop in to see how you're doing. You seem to be doing so well - organising, joining, planning I am always in awe. I hope things take an upswing for you soon.

Bex said...

Hiya Anna

Really pleased to read a bit more "positive" news. I hope you let your Mum and Dad support you this weekend and get some time to yourself xxxxxx

And well done on the weight loss - fab achievement xx

Love Bex