Monday, February 19, 2007


The heating was broken at work today. When I arrived my classroom was 13 degrees. Blimey I was cold all day! The children are not coming in tomorrow morning, and hopefully the heating will be fixed by lunchtime so that the children can come in in the afternoon.
I had to give up on getting anything done this evening as Alex has been very grumpy. I think she is getting the last of her teeth, the biggies at the very back. She has a bit of a cough this evening, and I have her in bed with me. There are nights when it is just easier to do that than to get up and down all night.
I have a million and one layouts in my head waiting to be done. All I need is some time to myself.
If anyone fancies coming and giving me a hand with the girls, I think I am at the point just now where that would be greatly appreciated... I am heading for exhaustion....

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