Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time waits for nobody

Blimey I have been busy this weekend. No visit from Jo as sadly her car is poorly :(
We spent yesterday afternoon with Belinda and the girls, which was ace. Then today we went to see Grandma Jean, then this afternoon Kristiina, my uni friend came for lunch.
In between all that I have been trying to get clutter under control. This house is doing my head in. So far I have cleared out several cupboards in the kitchen, the under stairs cupboard, and sorted through the box of Nigel's things from work.
So far so good but still there is so much stuff in this house. I just need the loft conversion to be done, so that I can get everything where it needs to be permanently!
I am in the middle of doing the risk assessments for the year 5 London visit, which is a mammoth task, definitely worth it tho!
So a busy few weeks coming up, even tho it is another short half term.
And before we know it, we will be off to Ballina to see Cliona and co!

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