Friday, February 16, 2007


Went to Lighterlife last night to find that I have now lost 2 stone!! I am over the moon to have got there already, so here's to losing more weight in the next part of foundation!

Busy days craft wise this week. I have finally got my team CJs finished so today I will be posting them off. I really lost the desire to do them, which is a shame because I really enjoy CJs. Anyway, I've got that desire back now so there's no stopping me! Need to sort out that craft room tho, it's still a bombsite and needs to be put into order!

Last day of the holidays today. We've had a good week, but going back to work is always a wrench. Yesterday Alex passed her hearing test which was fantastic news. She failed her last one miserably, which resulted in her having her grommets fitted. She doesn't have perfect hearing, but scored well enough for them not to need to see her again. I just hope now that Alex's grommets stay put and don't fall out too soon! I am going to be referred back to LGI for my ENT stuff as I am fed up of Dewsbury giving me the run around. The sleep clinic said I didn't have any issues and so didn't want to see me, but ENT have different ideas and want me to do an overnight study. So how exactly do I do an overnighter in hospital then, especially as it isn't really necessary? Enough is enough so I'm off back to LGI to see Mr Knight. No doubt I will have to wait a fair while for my appointment, but that doesn't matter in the long run. At least I will be much slimmer by the time my appointment comes through, so I won't get the lecture on how losing weight will solve all my problems! I know losing weight will help a lot of things, but there's no need to preach to me about it over and over.


Nancy said...

YG - not sure of your sleep issues but it should be pretty unlikely you'll need to do an overnight in the hospital, rather than be given a unit to take home and then re-present in the morning. I can put you in touch with the clinical nurse specialist at St James' - he is considerably narky but useful to know! Trib.

Anonymous said...

ahh...did long comment & it wiped it!! Just read your blog from start to finish & wanted to say a huge well done. Despite the ridiculous "get over it" comment most understand that you have had a horrendous time and understandably feel devastated. The fact that you are taking control of your life, functioning & moving on is something you should be immensely proud of!
Sad that people feel the need to kick when people are down but that says more about them than anything! Balanced by the lovely patchwork that people made you & the support that you ave received :)
Well done on the LL and keep going! Look forward to "finding" you on UKS and you've reminded me that I must do some scrapping!!
Big hugs fishface